29 Oct 2008

Disgraced sprinter Jones gives tell-all interview

2:29 pm on 29 October 2008

The disgraced sprinter Marion Jones recalls her ill-fated decision to lie to US authorities about her doping in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow.

Jones' appearance on the "The Oprah Winfrey Show," is her first major interview since she was released from a federal prison after serving a six-month sentence for perjury.

She never failed a drug test but lied to prosecutors about her use of the once-undetectable designer steroid THG.

A year ago she pleaded guilty to two charges of making false statements in 2003.

Having denied for years she had ever used steroids, a Jones admitted she had started taking THG in 1999 and continued into 2001.

As a result she stripped of her five medals, three gold, from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.