6 Nov 2008

NZ Cricket introduces Most Valuable Player measure

5:42 pm on 6 November 2008

New Zealand cricket is introducing a new way of measuring players' performances in domestic competitions.

They've adopted the Most Valuable Player benchmark developed by the Professional Cricketers' Association in England.

It works on cumulative points system which rewards every run scored, wicket taken and catch held with bonus points for other contributions to match results.

Chief Executive Justin Vaughan says averages can provide a distorted view of which players are doing well and which players are really helping out the team.

He says there've been plenty of examples in one day games where a batsman who makes a big score slowly can have much less influence on the result than another who hits a quick 25 off 10 balls in the final few overs.

Vaughan says the smaller score isn't relected in terms of averages but it is under the MVP system.