15 Nov 2008

Fiji out to change conventional wisdom

6:55 am on 15 November 2008

The rugby league world cup, the competition where New Zealand and England play off to decide who'll get beaten by Australia in the final - has reached the final four with Fiji out to upset conventional wisdom.

New Zealand and England meet in Brisbane tomorrow night while Australia play Fiji in Sydney on Sunday.

Fiji skipper Wes Naiqama admits his players won't have the fitness to match it with the KangarosAustralia in Sunday's World Cup semi-final, but says they do have what it takes "within".

Fiji have emerged as the tournament's most spiritual outfit with their post-match hymn singing and Naiqama's hoping that will help overcome their lack of battle-hardened NRL stars, while Australian skipper Darren Lockyer says Fiji present the same challenges as every other test ..they always start as favourites and its a situation they're used to.