12 Dec 2008

Tour won't disclose if it's punished Daly

7:10 pm on 12 December 2008

PGA Tour of Australia officials aren't saying if they have sanctioned the American golfer John Daly for smashing a fan's camera into a tree thefirst round of the Australian Open at Royal Sydney.

They met with Daly today to discuss his temper snap but don't intend to tell anyone the outcome.

Tour commissioner Ben Sellenger and tournaments director Andrew Langford-Jones say it's a private matter been Daly and the tour and has been resolved in accordance with tour regulations,

So, for all the public know,officials may have simply agreed it was all spectator Brad Clegg's fault for getting too close when he shouldn't have had a camera on the course in the first place according to their signs.

Golf Australia, which runs the Open, had already ruled out any action against the controversial American visitor.