16 Dec 2008

Disappointment for Tiger over caddie's comments

2:18 pm on 16 December 2008

Tiger Woods has expressed disappointment over derogatory comments made by his long-time New Zealand caddie Steve Williams about fellow American golfer Phil Mickelson.

The world number one Woods says he'd dealt with the matter, describing words attributed to Williams in a New Zealand newspaper about a player he respects as "inappropriate".

The Taranaki Daily News quoted Williams saying he wouldn't call Mickelson a great player because he hated him.

The next day, he told the Sunday Star-Times he'd been quoted accurately and was just being honest in saying Woods and Mickelson don't get along.

Williams says it's not secret he and Mickelson don't get on either, but he was surprised comments made while having a bit of fun at a charity event had been made public.

Mickelson says after seeing the comments all he could think of was how lucky he was to have a class act like his caddie Jim Mackay.