20 Aug 2010

Tew expects South African meeting to be productive

12:34 pm on 20 August 2010

The chief executive of the New Zealand Rugby Union Steve Tew is expecting their meeting with the South African Rugby Union this weekend to be productive.

Earlier this week a report stated the South African Rugby Union was again considering quitting the SANZAR alliance from 2015 because of a damaged relationship with Australia and New Zealand.

Relations between the partners have been strained for a few years and it almost came to a head last year when the three countries were trying to finalise a new broadcasting deal.

Tew, who is in the Republic, expects the countries to continue working together.

He hopes to discuss their concerns and get things back on track.

Tew says they've had issues before and worked through them and he hopes that will be the case again.

The Australian Rugby boss John O'Neill says he'll also look at any South African concerns when he's there next week.