4 Sep 2010

Top NZ golfer says Japanese woman stalking him after affair

6:20 am on 4 September 2010

New Zealand's top golfer David Smail says a Japanese woman is threatening his family after he ended their affair.

Smail has told the Waikato Times newspaper that when he tried to end his affair with 27-year-old Sato Kurihara, she threatened to take her own life and to expose the relationship to the media.

The paper says it's received intimate images of the couple from Miss Kurahara, who describes the Hamilton golfer as New Zealand's version of serial adulterer Tiger Woods.

Smail says he's taking legal action against his former lover, alleging she is stalking him.

Mrs Smail received a call from Miss Kurihara last week telling her about the affair but has vowed to stand by he husband.

Smail told the paper he plans to spend as much time as possible with his wife and children, but hasn't ruled out a return to golf in Japan, where he's competed for more than 10 years, earning over $10 million on the Asian circuit.