11 Feb 2011

Two thousand more NFL fans offered compensation

6:46 pm on 11 February 2011

Another 2,000 people were promised refunds or tickets to next year's Super Bowl because of the ticketing fiasco which marred this week's NRL title game in Dallas and embarrassed the National Football League.

The NFL is already facing legal action from fans despite agreeing to compensate more than 400 people who turned up to Sunday's game at Cowboys Stadium only to be told they could not take their seats because they were deemed unsafe.

The NFL's already offered the original 400 displaced fans either $4000 - triple the face value of the ticket -- and a ticket to next year's Super Bowl, or a ticket to any future Super Bowl with airfare and hotel accommodation included.

But angry fans have been less impressed by the NFL's offer, filing a lawsuit against the league and the Dallas Cowboys whose home ground it was seeking about $10 million in compensation.