26 Feb 2011

ICC blames its own president for CWC ticket fiasco

12:26 pm on 26 February 2011

The ICC is blaming its own president for a ticket fiasco which has taken the spotlight away from the players at the Cricket World Cup in India.

The shortage of tickets available to the public for India's big matches has resulted in violent clashes between fans and baton-wielding police, potentially turning the event into another public relations disaster for India, following last year's troubled Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

In a letter leaked to the media, the ICC accused its own president Sharad Pawar of mismanagement, saying he "threaten(ing) to undermine" the whole tournament with the way tickets were being distributed - or rather not being distributed.

Pawar, who is also the chairman of the tournament's Central Organising Committee, is under attack for bringing ICC's relationship with its corporate sponsors to "breaking point" as they had yet to receive their allocation of tickets despite investing millions of dollars into the event.

On Monday, the official online ticket agency that had been expected to sell 1,000 tickets for the final crashed as 10 million fans tried to log on in just 20 minutes.

Pawar has remained silent on the issue.