24 Mar 2011

TrIathlete not at fault in doping test

7:10 pm on 24 March 2011

The Sports Tribunal has found triathlete Graham O'Grady wasn't at fault after he tested positive for morphine following his win in the Tauranga Half Ironman on January 8.

O'Grady didn't challenge the positive test result but claimed the morphine was due to poppy seeds in commercially-baked, gluten-free bread he'd been eating before, and on the day of, the race.

The tribunal says it accepts expert scientific evidence that the seeds may produce morphine, and that baking may boost the level of the drug.

O'Grady could not have been reasonably expected to have known or suspected that, even exercising the utmost caution.

The tribunal says it's a very unusual case and, after hearing from O'Grady and other witnesses, it's found there's no other credible explanation.