5 Apr 2011

Clarke speaks out for in-danger minnows

6:21 am on 5 April 2011

Australia's captain Michael Clarke says he has reservations about the International Cricket Council's proposed plans to cut the number of competing teams in the 2015 World Cup.

A decision is expected to be made in Mumbai on Monday after a meeting of the ICC's executive board, and Clarke has spoken out in support of the minnow nations who will likely feel the axe if the tournament is culled.

The ICC has previously indicated it will cut the number of teams taking part from 14 to 10, although it's also reported that a 12-team model is possible.

The World Cup format has been heavily criticised for the length of time between team's group matches and as a result, taking six weeks to complete the event.

Clarke says the structure could be improved, but said that shouldn't necessarily be at the expense of the developing countries - with Ireland most notably adding much needed excitement to the recent World Cup.