6 Apr 2011

Nicklaus says older players have it easier than in his day

2:46 pm on 6 April 2011

The legendary Jack Nicklaus says older players have it much easier than in his day when it comes to winning golf Majors because of the advances in equipment.

Nicklaus won 18 major titles, the last of which was 25 years ago when he won the 1986 Masters at Augusta when he was 46.

Nicklaus says older stars as Vijay Singh, Fred Couples and even Tom Watson at age 61 have what it takes to become the oldest major winner.

He says equipment has allowed golfers to extend their careers with golf balls travelling further while players are also fitter.

Watson at 59 came within a stroke of winning the 2009 British Open and only nine months after hip replacement surgery.

Nicklaus also offered some advice for today's stars telling them to learn to fix problems without running to a golf coach and find time in life for more than golf.