28 Apr 2011

Players ask court to deny lockout stay

7:39 am on 28 April 2011

NFL players have asked a federal judge to deny the league's request to stay an order lifting a lockout, saying it is necessary to ensure American football has a 2011 season.

Players Association general counsel Richard Berthelsen says it's the only way to preserve the season announced by the NFL, given the need to sign free agents, complete the draft and sign drafted players, to plan and to hold training camps, and to plan for the season .

Berthelsen says a stay of the injunction and continuation of the lockout will be a detriment to players and clubs, as the league will lose money during a lockout.

Judge Susan Richard Nelson requested the players' filings after the NFL sought a stay of her ruling this week lifting the lockout. The league also appealed her ruling to the Eighth U.S.Circuit Court of Appeals.

The league has said the lockout is necessary until clear rules are established for the 2011 season.