4 May 2011

Sam Michael quits

6:36 am on 4 May 2011

The Williams technical director Sam Michael has quit his role as Mike Coughlan - the man at the heart of 2007's spy-gate scandal - returns as chief engineer.

Michael and chief aerodynamicist Jon Tomlinson, who also resigned, will leave at the end of 2011.

Patrick Head, team co-founder and engineering director, is set to retire.

Williams have already made a change to their technical department as the British team announced that Coughlan will return to F1 as their chief engineer in June.

Coughlan was dismissed by McLaren for his part in the spy row that emerged when McLaren were found to be in possession of a confidential 780-page technical document belonging to Ferrari.

The scandal rocked F1 and ended with McLaren fined 100 million dollars and stripped of all their points in the 2007 constructors' championship.