11 May 2011

FIFA rocked by new corruption allegations

6:35 am on 11 May 2011

FIFA has been rocked by new allegations of corruption from England's 2018 World Cup bid chairman who has accusing senior officials of demanding cash and honours in return for votes.

In explosive testimony before a parliamentary select committee, Lord David Triesman spoke at length on the story behind England's disastrous World Cup campaign, which ended in a humiliating defeat in Zurich last December.

Triesman highlighted incidents involving four officials that took place in the years leading to the Zurich vote which had given him cause for concern.

He revealed that Jack Warner, the influential head of the North and Central American federation, had demanded to be paid directly about 5-million dollars for construction of schools in Trinidad.

Lord Triesman also claimed Warner had suggested to him soon after Haiti's devastating earthquake early last year that "somebody could make a donation" to secure rights to broadcast the 2010 World Cup in Haiti on giant television screens in order to lift the spirits of the shattered nation. Warner said a million dollars sent to him could secure those rights.

In another incident, Triesman revealed that Paraguayan Nicolas Leoz, the head of the South American federation, had asked for a knighthood in November 2009.