28 May 2011

Armstrong hires prominent lawyers

11:57 am on 28 May 2011

Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has hired two prominent attorneys who won a legal case involving the lead investigator in a current federal probe of Armstrong.

San Francisco-based John Keker and Elliott Peters says they're now representing Armstrong.

The attorneys won a major case for the Major League Baseball Players Association in 2009 when an appeals court panel ruled federal agents had no right to seize baseball's anonymous drug-test results from 2003.

Jeff Novitzky had been a key investigator in that case, part of the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative investigation.

Keker has accused Novitzky of leaking information that resulted in doping accusations against Armstrong, who has never failed a drugs test.

Armstrong has always denied taking banned substances but has repeatedly had to fend off accusations despite having never failed a drugs test.

His former team-mate Tyler Hamilton told the US television program 60 Minutes this week he had witnessed Armstrong inject himself with a blood-booster during the 1999 Tour de France won by Armstrong.

Disgraced 2006 Tour winner Floyd Landis has also accused Armstrong of cheating.