15 Jun 2011

FBI demand Lance Armstrong restaurant videotape

6:52 pm on 15 June 2011

The FBI has contacted a Colorado restaurant to get surveillance tapes of a conversation between seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong and former teammate Tyler Hamilton over the weekend.

Hamilton last month accused Armstrong of doping repeatedly and encouraging his teammates to use performance-enhancing drugs.

The pair ran into each other at the restaurant in Aspen on Saturday night and a co-owner has told the New York Times that she spoke to an FBI agent who told her she would be subpoenaed for the tape.

However it's not clear if the restaurant's video will show the confrontation between Hamilton and Armstrong, which Hamilton's attorney reported to federal authorities.

According to the newspaper authorities are investigating whether the encounter constitutes witness tampering on Armstrong's part.

But Armstrong says while the encounter was certainly awkward it was uneventful.