23 Jun 2011

Grunting women of Wimbledon in the spotlight again

5:58 am on 23 June 2011

The grunting women of Wimbledon are raising the ire of tournament officials as their groans and growls distract opponents and annoy spectators.

The Belarussian player Victoria Azarenka, who's often criticised for her wails, edged towards record noise levels as noise machines or gruntometers as they're known, recorded her at level of 95 decibels in her opening round match earlier this week.

The chief executive of the All England Tennis Club Ian Ritchie says he receives numerous letters of complaint from the public about noisy players and that officials would prefer to see less grunting.

The loudest known grunt came from Maria Sharapova, in 2009 with a record of 105 decibels.