23 Jun 2011

Young All Whites look foward to drop in temperature for next World Cup match

5:58 am on 23 June 2011

The Young All Whites will enjoy a slight reprieve from the oppressive heat at the under-17 football world cup in Mexico, with an evening kick off in their second match of the tournament against the Czech republic .

The match kicks of at eleven o'clock this morning - 6pm in Torreon in Mexico where coach Aaron McFarland says the temperature may have dropped to 30 degrees by that time.

New Zealand won its opening match against Uzbekistan, which was played in 38 degrees, four-one.

McFarland says New Zealand and the Czech sides are probably the most disadvantaged when it comes to the heat and both sides are looking forward to the later kick off.

New Zealand need a point from this game or their next against the United States to advance to the next round.