23 Jun 2011

Comprehensive evidence of bribery found by FIFA ethics committee report

5:58 am on 23 June 2011

FIFA's ethics committee has found comprehensive, convincing and overwhelming evidence of bribery that Mohamed bin Hammam and Jack Warner were involved in attempted bribery, according to the preliminary report which led to the suspension of the two pair from world football.

Warner resigned as a FIFA vice-president earlier this week prompting the sport's governing body to drop an investigation into bribery allegations against him.

The ethics committee's report, says there's a compelling case that Bin Hammam, who withdrew from the recent FIFA presidential race for FIFA presidency, was engaged in bribery and that Warner was an accessory.

The claims centre on a meeting of the Caribbean Football Union in May where its alleged each of the Carribean member associations were offered $50 thousand.

Bin Hammam continue to maintain he's done nothing wrong.