9 Jul 2011

Mexican footballers let off failed dope test

4:09 pm on 9 July 2011

Five Mexico football players who tested positive for clenbuterol will not be punished by the country's governing body because they ingested the banned substance accidentally eating tainted meat.

The players were booted out of the Gold Cup in June after failing doping tests conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles.

Clenbuterol can be used to speed up and increase muscle mass in animals.

Officials say the federation, which contends the players all ate contaminated beef during a training camp in Mexico City, would start buying meat from a new supplier.

Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, defenders Francisco Rodriguez and Edgar Duenas and midfielders Antonio Naelson 'Sinha' and Christian Bermudez failed the drug tests taken on May 21st.

Four more players later showed traces of the banned substance in their system.

Mexico went on to retain the Gold Cup beating hosts United States 4-2 in the final.