14 Aug 2011

Cahill backs postponement of Everton v Spurs

8:25 am on 14 August 2011

The Everton midfield Tim Cahill has backed the decision to postpone their English Premier League football match against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in London this weekend.

The Spurs match is the only Premiership clash called off following this week's riots with the nine remaining games to kick off at their scheduled times.

Australian Cahill, who has lived in Britain for 14 years, says it's the right decision and the game could only go ahead for the right reasons.

Cahill says you have to make sure no-one gets hurt and you have to think about the police who are working day in, day out, as well as the ambulance and the firemen.

The Toffees midfielder said the season could be extended by an extra week to accommodate the extraordinary situation and if they have to sacrifice an extra week at the end of the season to finish off the games, then so be it.

Cheltenham's League Two match against Swindon has also been postponed.