12 Aug 2011

Premier League calls for more respect for referees this season

6:26 am on 12 August 2011

The conduct of players and managers towards referees will be under even more scrutiny when the Premier League season starts this weekend.

Officials announced a directive aimed at tackling dissent after fiery rants at match officials during games and colourful post-match interviews criticising them were common last season.

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson received a touchline ban, and the league wants to address the issue, the league saying it's focusing on issues such as players turning their backs on referees or surrounding them, as well as the behaviour of managers towards match officials in the technical area and in post-match interviews.

The season kicks off this weekend, with fixtures including champions United travelling to West Brom on Monday.

Sunday's game between Tottenham Hotspur and Everton has been postponed following this week's riots in England.