19 Aug 2011

Head of Australian cricket selectors loses his job

5:55 pm on 19 August 2011

The chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch has lost his job as part of a wide-ranging review into Australian cricket.

The seven-month review, recommended that coaching and selection at the elite level of the sport in Australia needed a major overhaul.

Cricket Australia's board has decide to act on several key recommendations from the review immediately.

A new chairman of selectors will be appointed on a fulltime basis, replacing Hilditch, who only served in a part-time role.

The selection panel will be expanded from three members to five and will include two independent selectors, plus the Australian coach and captain.

The head coaching role - currently held by Tim Nielsen - has also been expanded and refined.

Nielsen, who's serving a three-year contract, can reapply for the new job.