27 Aug 2011

Kubica has one more operation to go

6:59 am on 27 August 2011

Robert Kubica faces one last operation in the next few days, some seven months after the Polish Formula One driver suffered life-threatening injuries in a rally crash.

Kubica's manager Daniele Morelli said in May that the Pole, who suffered severed tendons and nerves in a hand as well as leg and arm injuries, could race again this season but Renault team boss Eric Boullier said that was unlikely.

Boullier says Kubica's recovering well but the last operation will be another pain to go through and he will also have to go through the full rehabilitation and the driving one.

He says not only will the Pole need to be ready physically, he still needs to get back his feeling for the car.

Boullier says it would be simple to arrange time for the Pole in a simulator but actual track time in a two-year-old F1 car, because of the ban on in-season testing, would be more complicated to arrange.

He says the plan was still for Kubica, a race winner who was Renault's clear number one driver before the accident, to return to the team next season.