29 Aug 2011

IAAF statement on Bolt

11:03 am on 29 August 2011

Athletics' governing body, the IAAF, took the unussual step of issuing a statement following Usaion Bolt's disqualification from the men's 100 metres final at the World Championships in South Korea.

Bolt, the defending champion, Olympic gold medallist and world record holder, false started in the final.

Under rules which state that athletes no longer have a second bite of the cherry in the event of one false start, the 25-year-old ripped off his singlet in disgust, and slowly retreated to the starting line, head in hands, to be steered off the track.

Bolt's training partner Yohan Blake went on to win the restarted race.

The IAAF expressed disappointment at its outcome and explaining the false start rule.

The statement said it's important to remember that a sport's credibility depends on its rules and they must also be applied consistently and fairly for all athletes.

Prior to the rule change, athletes had the right to make one false start and they were disqualified for a subsequent false start.