12 Sep 2011

IRB backs referees over Wales disallowed penalty goal

6:41 pm on 12 September 2011

Rugby World Cup organisers have backed the match officials who disallowed a seemingly on-target penalty by Wales in their pool match against South Africa in Wellington on Sunday night, despite their failure consult with the TV referee.

South Africa beat Wales 17-16, though Wales fullback James Hook and his teamates along thousands of spectators felt they should've been awarded another three points, when Hooks 15th-minute penalty appeared to pass just inside the right hand upright.

Neither of the assistant referees thought it did, much to Hook's chagrin.

Hooks gestured to the referee Wayne Barnes in the hope he might seek a television review which wasn't forthcoming.

The International Rugby Board says the three officials followed the correct procedure in determining whether or not to refer the penalty to the television official for review.