21 Sep 2011

NZ Cricket CEO resigns

6:43 pm on 21 September 2011

The outgoing chief executive Justin Vaughan says recent management changes at New Zealand Cricket headquarters haven't played any part in his decision to step down.

The former New Zealand international has announed he'll finish up in the job at the end of the November after almost five years in the job.

There have been significant changes in the hierarchy with two Australians appointed to leading management roles but Vaughan rejects any suggestion he was pressured to go.

The former New Zealand international took up the role in early 2007 and says there are two main reasons he's leaving.

The first is the need for the chief executive to be someone who can commit through to the co-hosting of the Cricket World Cup of 2015 and the second is that the intense travel requirements have become too much with a young family.

Vaughan will step down at the end of November with the recruiting process to find his replacement beginning immediately.