8 Oct 2011

NZOC to look at doping policy for Olympic selection

11:56 am on 8 October 2011

The New Zealand Olympic Committee will consider and review its current policy on banning athletes who have been convicted of doping for future Olympic Games.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced that it invalidated the IOC's rule that bars any athlete who has received a doping suspension of more than six months from competing in the next summer or winter Games.

The CAS panel says the rule is "invalid and unenforceable" because it amounted to a second sanction and did not comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency code.

The NZOC's current policy states that any athlete found guilty of doping is ineligible for selection into an NZOC team for four years for first-time violations or a life-ban for subsequent violations.

A statement from the New Zealand Olympic Committee says they're disappointed at the outcome of the CAS ruling and will support the IOC's stance on tougher anti-doping sentences in the WADA code.

Long distance runner Liza Hunter-Galvan was suspended for an anti-doping rule violation for a prohibited substance in 2009 and is the only New Zealand athlete subject to the current New Zealand Olympic Committee ineligibility clause.