19 Oct 2011

Speedway boss defends Indy track

12:12 pm on 19 October 2011

The Las Vegas Speedway president Chris Powell says his track met every IndyCar Series regulation and that he heard no concerns by drivers before British pilot Dan Wheldon died in a crash.

Wheldon was killed after a fiery 15-car crash at the oval track, a facility that had not hosted an IndyCar race in 11 years.

Drivers from around the auto racing world have questioned the wisdom of having a 34-car field, one of the largest, racing at speeds above 220 mph, on an oval track.

But Powell says the sanctioning body comes in and governs its own competition so IndyCar was in charge of making sure conditions were proper to race at the facility.

While several IndyCar racers say they expressed safety concerns about the Las Vegas track before the race, Powell says he heard none of them, and says drivers usually take their concerns to the sanctioning body.