24 Oct 2011

FIFA executive questions Qatar decision

11:18 am on 24 October 2011

A new FIFA executive committee member has called into question the decision to award the 2022 football World Cup to Qatar.

German Theo Zwanziger says some of his fellow members had been pressurised by their governments to vote for the bid.

The 66-year-old president of the German Football Association was appointed last week by FIFA to head one of the new committees established to clean up the organisation.

Accusations of bribery and corruption over the last year have dogged world football's governing body.

Zwanziger says the vote for Qatar was decided by some members of the executive committee who are in a very close relationship with their governments, who pushed the political case for Qatar.

He says the choice of Qatar from a sporting perspective is still questionable because, due to the summer climate and the size of the country, a World Cup should not be held there.