27 Oct 2011

Tevez may sue Mancini

8:00 am on 27 October 2011

Carlos Tevez is reportedly considering suing Manchester City football manager Roberto Mancini for defamation in the latest twist to the ongoing saga involving the Argentinian striker.

Several British media outlets reported Tevez was mulling a lawsuit against Mancini after the 27-year-old was hit with an estimated two million dollar fine by the English Premier League club, for refusing to take the field in a Champions League match last month.

Mancini said after the defeat at Bayern Munich that Tevez was "finished" at the club.

Tevez denies Mancini's claims, saying the incident was a misunderstanding and that he had only refused to warm-up because he felt it was unnecessary.

Tevez has 14 days to decide whether to lodge an appeal to the club's board of directors. If Tevez appeals, he could take his case to the Premier League, a process which could take the saga into December.