28 Oct 2011

Henry talks about the future

12:32 pm on 28 October 2011

The World Cup-winning coach Graham Henry is talking about the future, despite not yet having cut his ties with the All Blacks.

In an interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, 65-year-old Henry says he would be interested in working with the England Rugby Union, but not as coach.

And Henry's expressed his sympathy for England's manager Martin Johnson, saying the 2003 World Cup-winner was under ridiculous pressure this year.

Henry, whose own position came under threat after the All Blacks' unsuccessful campaign in 2007, also warned of the dangers of knee-jerk sackings - but he says that replacing a coach because he's not good enough is the right thing to do.

He says too many people with real ability get shot because of a result, or pressure from the public or media, adding that the most successful coaches around the world have longevity, the Manchester United football manager Sir Alex Ferguson being a prime example.