14 Nov 2011

Kiwis' overall record makes grim reading

7:29 am on 14 November 2011

Sunday's 28-6 hiding by the England rugby league team in Hull not only knocked New Zealand out of the Four Nations tournament, it made a mediocre record even worse.

While the Kiwis were the defending Four Nations champions as well as the current World Cup holders, their record for 2011 now reads: played five, lost four - their worst record since 2007 when they lost five and only won the one Test, against France.

But New Zealand's international record in the 13-man oval ball code doesn't exactly make for inspiring reading. In 331 Tests, the Kiwis have won 137, lost 180 and drawn 14.

The Kiwis' worst year in the last three decades was 1972 when Australia also defeated them three times, going on to lose all their matches, including one each to France and Great Britain at the World Cup that year.

That wasn't the only year the New Zealanders were whitewashed - all up the Kiwis have lost every match played in nine separate individual years, and another whitewash took place in a tour that spanned both 1926 and 1927.

That Tour of the United Kingdom saw three losses to the British and one to Wales, while the Kiwis lost all their matches to Great Britain in 1936, 1932, 1920, 1914 and 1910.

In 1968 the Kiwis lost all three Tests at the World Cup held here and in Australia - one each to France, the Kangaroos and the British.

But that era wasn't kind to the code here, with three losses in Australia in 1967 and both Tests won by hosts Great Britain in 1966.

1957 was an undistinguished three-loss, one-win record in another World Cup year and just one win from seven was achieved in 1954, including losing all three matches at the World Cup that year in France.

1970 wasn't too flash either - just the one win in France, another loss to Australia and four losses to Great Britain.