14 Nov 2011

Doping violation costs basketballer a two year suspension

7:14 pm on 14 November 2011

The Sports Tribunal has suspended a National Basketball League player for two years after he admitted a doping violation.

Daniel Ryan tested positive for D-Methamphetamine and D-Amphetamine. after playing for the Waikato Pistons in the NBL semi-final.

Ryan's initial defence was that he believed his season was over when he took what he thought was a legal party pill while out drinking.

He said the drug was taken for relaxation and stress relief, not to enhance performance, when he didn't know he would be called in at the last minute to play.

However, Ryan later said he would not challenge the mandatory penalty of two years.

The Tribunal says the withdrawn defence could not have succeeded because the rules apply whenever a banned substance is taken.