17 Nov 2011

NZ Cricket dismisses match-fixing claims

6:27 am on 17 November 2011

New Zealand Cricket's rejected a claim by the sport's former chief anti-corruption investigator that all the sport's leading countries were involved in the fixing of major matches.

Paul Condon, the founding head of the International Cricket Council's anti corruption unit has told the London Evening Standard that in the late 1990's Test and World Cup matches were being routinely fixed.

He says every international team, at some stage, had a player doing some funny stuff.

But the chief executive of New Zealand cricket Justin Vaughan says he doesn't believe that was the case.

Vaughan who played for New Zealand between 1992 and 1997 says he was never suspicious of any of his teamates having anything to do with match fixing over that period.

Cricket Australia has also rejected the claim against its teams of the nineties, saying it carried out an investigation in 1999 which found no evidence of corruption.