22 Nov 2011

Camper crew member injured on Round the World Yacht race

5:10 pm on 22 November 2011

A crew member on board Team New Zealand's Round the World yacht Camper has been injured after being thrown into rigging as he was about to make a sail change.

Mike Pammenter suffered a broken tooth, cuts to his face and bruising in the fall.

Skipper Chris Nicholson says Pammenter is okay having received three stitches while the affected tooth area has been anesthetised.

Nicholson says after initially slowing down to treat Pammenter's injuries, Camper is now back to full speed.

They're currently in second place 98 nautical miles behind leader Telefonica, after Puma which was in second place suffered a broken mast.

Puma intends remaining in the race but is considering heading towards the remote south Atlantic Ocean island of Tristan da Cunha for repairs.