22 Jan 2012

Bennett and Marshall back "six again" rule

8:23 am on 22 January 2012

The NRL All Stars rugby league coach Wayne Bennett believes one of the three rules to be trialled in next month's clash between his team and the Indigenous All Stars should be introduced into the regular season as soon as possible.

Under the "six again" rule infringement penalties, such as being offside at the marker or hand on the ball, will result in an immediate call of six more tackles from the referee.

Bennett says he thinks it's a rule that enhances the game.

He says the rule has the potential to have an instant impact on the way the game is played, suggesting coaches will change their approach to defensive sets.

All Stars skipper Benji Marshall is also in favour of introducing the rule immediately.

Marshall says it's a great idea and maybe one to be introduced into the game now.