7 Mar 2012

Researcher thrilled with Maori wardens' response to study

6:45 pm on 7 March 2012

Maori wardens have fronted up to a researcher looking at how the Christchurch earthquake has affected emergency workers.

Kirsten Lovelock of Otago University says she's thrilled with the number of wardens registered to take part in the project.

She is to examine the stress connected to doing their job while their whanau was in danger - a situation she describes as a dual jeopardy.

Dr Lovelock says wardens have come forward from Christchurch, the West Coast, and the North Island.

She says one point to appreciate is that Maori wardens weren't paid to come to Christchurch - they just came, which is quite a generous act.

Dr Lovelock is still recruiting participants for the longitudinal study, who will be interviewed three times over 18 months.

The project's also looking at how fire fighters, police, paramedics, teachers, council workers, and the military were affected.

Preliminary results from the research will be known in July.