4 Apr 2012

Differences resolved through tikanga, new chair says

6:26 am on 4 April 2012

Chair of the Waikato-Tainui executive Tom Roa says the board is determined to return to using Maori protocols rather than legal action, to sort out tribal scrapping.

Mr Roa was elected to his new role at the weekend, along with Hemi Rau as deputy chairperson.

The former head of the executive, Tukoroirangi Morgan, and the current chairperson of the tribal parliament or Te Kauhanganui, Tania Martin, had in the past taken court action to resolve disagreements.

Mr Roa says the new executive and Te Kauhanganui agree that internal disputes should be resolved by the tribe.

He says, in past litigation, the tribe has left it to the court to make a decision around the iwi's tikanga or customs which should not be in the court.