24 Apr 2012

Ngai Tahu chair aims to add Maori dimension to sustainability

9:19 pm on 24 April 2012

The Ngai Tahu chairman says his new role as a trustee of an organisation that promotes a clean, green environment is a perfect fit because it is in line with what his tribe already practises.

Mark Solomon has been appointed as a trustee with Pure Advantage which aims to engage with more Maori businesses to develop strong iwi leadership in maintaining natural resources like water, energy efficiency, bio-energy and forestry for future generations.

He says he is pretty chuffed to be included because it is an area in which iwi have been active and it is a chance to add a Maori dimension to the goals the organisation is trying to achieve.

Mr Solomon says most tribes are very vocal about protecting natural resources but also believe they are there for sustainable use.

He says Ngai Tahu has a tribal proverb that reinforces that concept: 'Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei' - which means: 'For us, and our children after us'.

Mark Solomon says it is all about thinking ahead and making sure those natural resources are preserved for the generations to follow.