28 Aug 2012

Tribunal report proves Maori rights ignored - iwi

6:29 am on 28 August 2012

An Auckland iwi says an interim report on water rights proves that the Government has repeatedly ignored Maori rights over water.

The Waitangi Tribunal issued an interim report on Friday, which recommended the Government delays its plan to sell shares in some state assets, until Maori water rights are resolved.

The claim was taken on behalf of tangata whenua by the Maori Council.

A claimant representing Ngati Te Ata, Roimata Minhinnick, says the report shows the Government has long neglected Maori interest.

He likens the Government's share sale plan to the state wanting to sell the cream, but keep the milk, even though it's come from the cow that's owned by Maori.

Mr Minhinnick says the Government has long been "creaming the cow".