25 Sep 2012

Vodafone pulls ad after callers bombard wrong number

8:27 am on 25 September 2012

Vodafone has pulled a version of its latest television commercial featuring the lead star of the film, Boy because people were texting the wrong number - bombarding another one of its customers.

James Rolleston, who played Boy from a Maori village, and in the advertisement talks about services run by the telecommunications company.

He encourages people to text him on a cellphone number that comes across the bottom of the TV screen, pictured as though it is on a piece of cardboard.

Vodafone's corporate accounts manager Richard McKenzie says the advertisement is very popular among younger viewers but it caused a problem when many callers mis-dialled the phone number.

Mr McKenzie says the company has apologised to one person in particular for the advertisement, which has now been replaced with another, still featuring James Rolleston.