24 Nov 2012

Morgan seeking return to Tainui leadership

3:06 pm on 24 November 2012

Prominent Tainui figure Tukoroirangi Morgan says he will seek a return to the iwi's leadership at a hui this weekend.

The Maori King has written a letter to all tribal descendants that criticises fighting between Tainui's two leadership groups, its parliament and its tribal executive.

King Tuheitia wants the leaders of both groups to step down and seek re-election. He also supports Mr Morgan in his bid for the chairmanship of the iwi's parliament at a hui on Sunday.

Mr Morgan left his role as head of the tribal executive earlier this year after a bid for re-election failed, but he says the fighting has only become worse in his absence and too much is being spent on legal fees as a result.

The position he plans to seek is currently held by Tania Martin, with whom he has had ongoing public disagreements.