28 Nov 2012

Waka Tapu sail in calm waters

6:56 pm on 28 November 2012

The Waka Tapu expedition heading to Rapanui or Easter Island is sailing on calm waters as they get nearer to their destination.

Two doubled hulled canoes Te Aurere and Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti are retracing the journey of their ancient Pacific ancestors by sailing the last leg of the Polynesian triangle.

They left Auckland in September to make an epic return trip - using only the moon, stars, sun, ocean currents and marine life to guide them - without the use of a GPS system.

The crew say the two waka have perfect winds blowing 10 to 12 knots with moderate seas.

The Waka Tapu expedition reports that everybody on board both waka are buzzing and can't wait to get to Rapanui.

The two waka are expecting to arrive in Easter Island within the next five days.