30 Nov 2012

Petition opposes Te Awatea o Murupara name

7:44 pm on 30 November 2012

At least 80 people have so far signed up to a petition objecting to the selection process for the name of the new area school in Murupara.

Rangi Anderson is leading the petition regarding the naming of the new school.

He says the name chosen by the Establishment Board of Trustees, was submitted by one influential person at the last minute and was not subject to community consultation.

Mr Anderson says the community first heard the new name, Te Awatea o Murupara, last week at an board meeting.

He says the board didn't consider the community or the names the community preferred, which were Murupara Area School and Murupara Collegiate.

Mr Anderson says the petition is asking the proposed name be submitted to the same process as those on the original list.