4 Dec 2012

Maori Land Court appoints right person - Sykes

9:11 pm on 4 December 2012

A specialist in Maori land laws says the Maori Land Court has appointed one of the profession's top Treaty of Waitangi lawyers as a temporary Maori Land Court judge.

Michael Doogan takes up his new role in January next year for a period of two years.

A friend of Mr Doogan and a lawyer specialising in customary land matters, Annette Sykes, was pleased to hear of his appointment, and says he will be an asset to the Maori Land Court.

She says he is one of the foremost Treaty of Waitangi lawyers at the current bar, and will bring a demeanour and respect to the court which is consistent with tikanga Maori.

Ms Sykes says his appointment should have been made permanent.