10 Dec 2012

Waikato-Tainui leadership talks deferred

6:44 am on 10 December 2012

Waikato-Tainui has deferred talks on its tribal leadership until next year.

Last month the tribe sacked the chair of its parliament, Tania Martin, after she was accused of bringing the parliament into disrepute.

It was widely anticipated that nominations would be called for Ms Martin's job at the tribe's annual meeting on Saturday.

The meeting was also due to hold talks about whether or not the tribal executive, Te Arataura, should step down and seek re-election.

However, tribal executive spokesperson Hemi Rau said that because of time constraints, they were unable to address the question of Ms Martin's replacement.

Instead they discussed matters in the annual report, most of them financial.

Mr Rau said he expects the leadership will be discussed at the next hui, in February.

Former chair of the tribe's executive board, Tukoroirangi Morgan, has said he plans to campaign for Ms Martin's role.