14 Dec 2012

Te Urewera is not seceding ...

7:59 pm on 14 December 2012

Tuhoe says settling its Waitangi Treaty claim with the Crown won't lead to walls being built around Te Urewera.

An agreement is due to be signed next year.

It includes Government support for the iwi to deliver its own health, housing and education services.

In an extensive interview on Nine to Noon Tuhoe chief negotiator Tamati Kruger said its settlement won't lead to the creation of barriers between the tribe and Crown.

He says they are not looking at building a wall around Te Urewera and charging $100 to take a photograph.

Mr Kruger says the people are quite happy to agree that no-one owns Te Urewera - neither the Crown, nor Tuhoe.

As part of the settlement, the current Te Urewera National Park will be vested in a new legal identity created by Parliament.

Mr Kruger is optimistic that the Treaty settlement will be good for Tuhoe, the Crown and New Zealand - but believes not not many people share that view at the moment.