17 Dec 2012

Bank managers approach Ngati Toa

6:37 am on 17 December 2012

Bank managers are swooping on Ngati Toa after the tribe signed a $75 million Treaty settlement.

The iwi in the Wellington region and top of the South Island and the Crown recently endorsed the Treaty package which includes an apology, cultural redress and the introduction of special legislation over the haka, Ka Mate, which recognises the tribe's connection to it.

Ngati Toa runanga chairperson Taku Parai said bank managers have already started approaching the iwi, which he thinks is because of the settlement package.

He said bank managers are coming fast and furiously and he's never seen bank managers attending annual meetings before nor have other iwi.

He said they are now asking if they can help, but before they would not come near iwi.

Mr Parai said Maori business enterprise is growing, and at the moment the Maori economy is valued at about $50 billion.

He said people, including bank managers, recognise that Maori are part and parcel of the country's economy.